About Us

We are tough for condominiums, companies and hotels

Premier Concierge Services, Inc. is a company that has been designed to offer a wide range of "front desk", reception and personal concierge & management services to first class condominiums, companies and Hotels.

Corporate Governance

  • Lépido Botello
    Founder and CEO

    Lepido Botello has a strong background in customer service and management. He founded PCS in 2004 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “We did not had a service like this in San Juan and many people needed it”. Botello started to work with residential buildings in the metro area, many of this buildings are boutique and condo-hotel style buildings. Lepido started to find good costumers in big developer companies, the pharmaceutical industry and medical plan companies. His idea of good service fast and accurate has created an excellent image between the top hotels of Puerto Rico. In the future were planning to offer an ultimate Concierge service, "Elite Concierge" a sophisticate service for major Airports in Puerto Rico.


    Lepido has worked for top hotel chains like Wyndham and Hilton. With the exclusive executive management program. With a creative art in good service Lepido selects only the best of the best for the company, that’s why he had entourage himself with top team players.

Executive Team