Additional Services

- Family doctor
- Babysitter
- Reminder Calls
- Reservations (hotel, restaurant, etc.)
- Food Delivery

- Floral Arrangements
- Photograph and Videographer
- Public Relations (handle visitors)
- Photocopies and Fax
- Tourist Maps
- Shoe Maps
- Driver Licenses Renewal
- Appointment for:
a) Onelink 
b) Claro (PRTC)
- Certified Real Estate
- Property Management

Our services are offered on an hourly rate, ala carte basis.

Rates are as follows:

- $85 per hour
- $100 per hour (weekends & holidays)

Rates are billed in 30 minute increments.

If your needs are unique and we can create a service plan and pricing structure that fits your individual requirements. An estimate of charges will be reviewed with you before any service is performed.

We accept Checks and Cash only. For your convenience, you can also Pre-Pay for services securely online using PayPal.